Alex and Laura's Wedding at Hartree Estates


Ye awrite, aye? It's been a while.

(I had to Google if it's "awhile or a while" - it's "a while" ☑️)

Wedding photography industry is mental these days. Proper mental. I remember 8 years ago it seemed like there were literally 30 wedding photographers in Northern Ireland and you could look at an image and you could tell who it was. Now there are SO MANY photographers, just popping up all the time. Instagram is crazy overwhelming with the amount of talented photographers. Need to keep up or get out of the way it seems. I want to keep up.

Sooooooo I uploaded a new website theme. Right before I installed the update, there were some scary warnings asking me if I was *really* sure I wanted to do this... because my site was so outdated (last time I uploaded a new website theme was about 7 years ago) that it might make things crash if I pressed update. Took a risk, pressed the update button and... everything crashed. Bye-bye all my blogposts. Cheerio all my galleries. I tried to salvage some things but after a while I just admitted defeat (who needs Google presence anyway in a saturated market? 😅)

So, as a result... welcome to my new blog!

I can't think of a better way to kick things off than Alex and Laura's wedding at Hartree Estates.

Alex and Laura's wedding felt like watching my two friends get married. Because it was. They're my friends now, and I had the best time at their wedding. They are two wholesome individuals who are so loving and caring. They have incredibly contagious smiles and they are constantly oozing with joy and positivity, and a pleasure to be around.

I got to know them a few months prior to the wedding when we went for an extended adventure shoot. We walked and chatted for hours (my watch tracked 15,727 steps that day) and took a few photos along the way. (You can view a few images from that day here.)

At some point during their wedding, Laura said to me (paraphrased) "seeing you right up the front during the ceremony was lovely, like you were a part of our close family and friends." And it was a very mutual feeling.

Their day was truly wonderful.

Heather at Fyne Films was their videographer, and she did a wonderful job. Her wedding film brought me to tears. Her perspective from the day was magical. Go check it out.

A few personal highlights from the day: Both Alex and Laura's reactions to buying each other the same card. Hearing Alex's desires for a threesome with himself and Laura if he had time travelling abilities (another win for Humanist ceremonies!) Alex's questionable weegie impression. Laura's dad being incredibly proud of his daughter... and also his Land Rover. Laura perhaps regretting her request for a photo on the swings after I got way too excited and made her do 'one more' swing 10 more times. I hit a new record of how many images I've taken at a wedding with a shocking personal best of 8756 photos.

Venue: Hartree Estates
MUA: Heather Snowie
Hair: Kirsty
Florist: The Flower Bee
Videography: Fyne Films
Photography: Ya boi
Dress: Marrime
Ceilidh: Staffin Island

Here are a few favourites from their wedding at Hartree Estates:

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