Isaac and Ella | Northern Irish Elopement

In the midst of busy wedding season I decided to break my blog silence!  I'm excited to share with you Isaac and Ella's Northern Irish elopement photos.

I have shot weddings previously with the entire wedding capacity being 20, so I have been familiar with smaller wedding parties, however this day had an overwhelming sense of intimacy.  Isaac and Ella had flown around 4000 miles from Nashville to get married here in Northern Ireland.  They chose to come alone to marry and then immediately honeymoon, and then celebrate with friends and family when they returned home.  They are extremely loved by their friends and family back in the States, so being able to stand a few feet away from them as they exchange rings was an immense honour.  I was aware that I was witnessing a union while there were people 4000 miles away who would have loved to have been where I was standing: another moment to validate that this is genuinely the best job in the world.

Isaac and Ella are fantastic musicians and we started the day at The Dark Hedges capturing some images for the artwork of their new musical adventure as a duo (these images are included at the end of the gallery set).  We then met with their pastor who was marrying them, Glenn, and his family and the seven of us had a meal together.  All seven of us = the entire wedding.

They picked the spot of an old ruins near Dunluce Castle for their marriage ceremony.  The ceremony was extremely emotional, with the trigger of a surprise letter from Ella's father.  There were a lot of tears during their vows as they meant every word they spoke.

After their ceremony, we stopped at four different locations for their photographs.  It was so nice to know there was no time limit, we literally spent hours on their portrait session.  As time went on Ella's dress got heavier and heavier as it absorbed the rain, Isaac rocked the 'just out of the shower' hairstyle and my cameras got completely drenched.  The rain was horrific (typical Ireland) but not once did they complain, their heart for adventure was constant.

As I drove Isaac and Ella around the North Coast, I was aware these two will be married for many many decades and grow old together, and it was a complete privilege to be in their company for the first few hours into their married life.  This really is the best job in the world.

Hope you enjoy their gallery, this is a selection of a few of my favourites from their elopement.

All images © Fraser Stewart | Elopement Photographer Northern Ireland | Northern Irish Elopement Photos