Hiya!  Where are you based?

What is your photographic style?

Hiya!  I currently live in Lurgan, Northern Ireland.   I'm about 30 minutes outside of Belfast.  I'm originally from Stirling, Scotland. I've been in Northern Ireland since 2011.

Happy wedding photos! Natural, unobtrusive and fun.  I'm in the background capturing all the smiles and natural moments as they happen. When it comes to the 'official' shots I have a process to help you relax.

We're not really good at getting our photos taken/we don't really do 'posey' shots.

How many images can we expect to receive?

I get this all the time.  Perfect!  I *thrive* when couples don't like getting their photos taken. Take a look at my Instagram, these are mostly couples who feel the same way.  I won't make you do anything weird or out of character.  You're mostly walking, and occasionally stopping to look at each other and hold each other if you want.  I'm either talking to you or just observing, whatever you need. If you feel a little nervous I've got a few things to chat about to keep you relaxed/laughing and I will only press the shutter whenever the moment happens.  I won't ever have you doing anything cringe.

Every wedding is different, some weddings are spent driving between locations for a few hours, while some the prep/ceremony/reception is all the the same location so no time is lost for photography.  I'd say I take on average 6000-7000 images at a wedding, and I'd say on average I deliver 500-700 images.  If your day has anything significant planned there might be lots more photos, and likewise if your timeline is shorter then there may be less.  However, I'm a big believer in quality over quantity. When I take a picture of a moment I will take a burst of maybe 40 images, and I will pick the one image that truly honours the moment. The rest of the images I discard are usually blinky duplicates.

The most I've ever taken is 10,000+ and I delivered 867 images from that (glorious) wedding.

Do you have an assistant/second shooter?

I shoot alone and I'm very experienced in doing so that I know how to operate very well as a single shooter. I like being overly organised, so before your wedding I will chat with you and discuss your details and timings thoroughly to optimise your timeline. This way I will know when I can be shooting and there's no lost time waiting at all.  I do offer the option of a second photographer for an additional cost, for those who would prefer their day captured from an extra angle.  This would be someone with a similar shooting style and camera system so that it all blends in well. Or, if you like, I can organise someone with a different style so you can receive a different perspective.

Do you do albums?

I sure do!  I offer albums from Folio.  They are beautiful and super eco friendly and handmade and generally amazing. You can use your own album supplier, however the fine art albums from Folio are only available to professional photographers.  You pick all the content for the album and it only goes to print whenever you're 100% happy with the design.

(If you go for the digital package at the time of booking and would like to add an album at a later date, you can do this no problem.)

Do we have the copyright to the images?

Are there any travel expenses?

Technically, no.  The copyright legally stays with us wedding photographers.  However, this doesn't affect you at all.  As soon as you get your images you can print and share as many as you like.  Free from ugly watermarks, of course. Copyright on wedding photographs pretty much restricts you if you ever wanted to enter the photos into a competition or sell them as the artist. It won't affect your print rights.

Not at all. All travel is include in my fee. If I need to book accommodation, this will be included in my fee also. There will never be any hidden costs.

Do we need to feed you?

Do you do half day coverage/hourly rates?

Nope! I always bring my own food and hide away in a corner somewhere during the meal time.  Thanks though!

Yes! Email me for a bespoke quote.

Do we need to meet before we book?

We'd love to book you for our wedding!  can you pencil us in?

It's not necessary as all of my work is online.  Most couples would book first and then we usually have a video call in the final months before your wedding to discuss all the details/timings.

Yaaaaaaay!  That is awesome!!  All dates are 100% open for anyone to grab until a retainer has been paid, so make sure you secure your date as soon as you can.

Any more questions?

Happy to help in any way I can. Please drop me an email!