Hi!  I would really appreciate if you could fill this out before the wedding, this will make organising the photography on your day run smoother!  If there are any fields that don’t apply, or you don’t have the information yet, just leave them blank.  There's a box at the bottom for additional information if need be.  Cheers!

Some advice:  If you think there might be any content worth taking pictures of, please wait until I arrive before you begin!  e.g. presents for the bridesmaids, letter from the groom, etc.  I would also advise the keep the dress a secret as much as possible: if anyone at the preparation address hasn't seen the dress, keep the dress hidden from them until you're fully ready and then it creates the opportunity for me to capture natural reactions.

Please list below all the important family shots that you would like to guarantee we get (e.g. B&G with parents of the bride, B&G with parents of the groom, B&G with groom's siblings, etc) and then *PLEASE* assign this list to someone who can help gather everyone.  It's vital that you assign this list to someone helpful and assertive so that this section of the day runs smoothly and quickly as possible, I really don't want you to lose any precious time on your wedding day!  You do not need to include bridesmaids/groomsmen shots in this list, we will do these separately!  The average family shot list is 4-8 combinations.

To optimise your valuable time on your wedding day, please also write out this list of family shots and give it to someone who could help organise everyone quickly.  An usher or family member from both sides would usually be the best person to nominate!

In the evening, please note my priorities are to capture your guests on the dancefloor.  From experience, any guests chatting at the bar don't appreciate having a flashgun popped in their face!  I aim to get candid moments of guests laughing during the drinks reception and speeches, at night time it's all about the party :)

Thanks so much!