Welcome Home Workshop | Belfast 2014


So! In January I went to the awesome Welcome Home Workshop in London (check out my wee blog here!) and it was truly, truly awesome.  Like, just awesome. Emma and Pete are a really lovely couple and great to be around. Encouraging and infectious free spirits.

Emma and Pete announced a while back that they were coming over to Belfast, and I had to go back for round 2!

I love this workshop!

The workshop is a *total* boost for photographers. I love hearing Emma and Pete’s awesome story, hearing how much they love their couples and why they do what they do. Their chat is great and it’s completely conversational throughout, all questions are welcome and they are both generous to share their knowledge and experience. The couple shoot is awesome to see too: Emma is fantastic at interacting with her couples and bringing out natural laughter and moments for capturing. Afterwards, she shares her workflow and all the secrets to her editing and processing.

I can’t recommend this workshop enough, everything you’d be looking for in a workshop is there, plus more! It totally transformed the way I shoot, and taught me to dream big.

I made a wee Stop Motion film from the day..


What the wee film doesn’t capture was the awesome hugs and coffee that flowed throughout the day :)

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  • Indyaaaaaaa

    on June 23, 2014  10:16 pm

    Feist! :-)
    I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I cannot wait for you to photograph our wedding! We'll have to talk soon! Excited! I never use all these exclamation marks!!!

    • fraser

      on June 25, 2014  9:30 pm

      haha cheers indyaaaaaaaaa! i can't wait for your wedding! it's gonna be freaking awesome ツ