Shane and Julie | Ulster Museum | Belfast Wedding Photographer Northern Ireland


Just wanted to share a few of my favourite frames from Shane and Julie’s wedding.

You know the term ‘bridezilla’?  Well, julie was the *complete* opposite.  One of the most chilled out brides i’ve ever encountered, both in the lead up and on the day itself.  The whole day was so relaxed, we were at Julie’s family home in the morning and then the ceremony/food/dancing was at the Über cool ulster museum in Belfast.  We had a few snaps around the museum as well as heading into the botanics for some giggles and photos with random tourists.

Hope you like!  ツ

Shane&Julie004 Shane&Julie020Shane&Julie012Shane&Julie03529Shane&Julie066A Shane&Julie093 Shane&Julie094 Shane&Julie130Shane&Julie116Shane&Julie114 Shane&Julie134 Shane&Julie135 Shane&Julie137 Shane&Julie142 Shane&Julie146 Shane&Julie151 Shane&Julie154 Shane&Julie162 Shane&Julie166 Shane&Julie178Shane&Julie176 Shane&Julie188 Shane&Julie194 Shane&Julie200 Shane&Julie216 Shane&Julie220 Shane&Julie223 Shane&Julie258 Shane&Julie284 Shane&Julie290 Shane&Julie300 Shane&Julie302 Shane&Julie334 34Shane&Julie347 Shane&Julie348 Shane&Julie351 Shane&Julie368 Shane&Julie375 Shane&Julie376 Shane&Julie378 Shane&Julie404 Shane&Julie409 Shane&Julie414 Shane&Julie418 Shane&Julie419 Shane&Julie421 Shane&Julie422 Shane&Julie424 Shane&Julie436Shane&Julie442Shane&Julie437 Shane&Julie452 Shane&Julie462 Shane&Julie465 Shane&Julie468 Shane&Julie483Shane&Julie474 Shane&Julie488 Shane&Julie490 Shane&Julie513Shane&Julie512 Shane&Julie529 Shane&Julie547 Shane&Julie576 Shane&Julie596Shane&Julie603Shane&Julie620Shane&Julie640Shane&Julie658Shane&Julie662

i had such a laugh with these two!  great banter.  i won’t tell you where shane’s hand was during this picture, but it was a personal highlight of the day.


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