Robert and Victoria | Camden Town

WF6A0453Over in London at the moment for a workshop with Emma Case tomorrow.  Still pumped from the Sean Flanigan workshop (check out my blogpost here!) a few months back so i’m super psyched to get some more motivation!

Today I met Robert and Victoria, and they are awesome.  So awesome. Such a cool couple. Considering I never knew the area they were so patient with me, also the stuff I was doing was a bit more technical and they had to wait for me to set stuff up, but they never complained once. Very happy!

I love this style of shoot, I’m mostly using triggered flashes to create a wee silhouette. Really gives me a wee creative buzz!

WF6A0534WF6A0516 WF6A0514 WF6A0463WF6A0487 WF6A0455WF6A0488 WF6A0425 WF6A0382 WF6A0376 WF6A0363

also thanks to my assistant sarah!  this lassie gets married in august so you’ll be seeing more of her face this year ツ


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