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Well hi!

I am so so pleased this day has come that I can share this with you!

Pete is my main man.  From the first email regarding the wedding it has been banter central.  From him asking ‘do you travel for weddings/have a really long zoom lens?’ to signing his emails ‘P-Tain and R-Dizzle’, my mailbox has been chuckling away to itself.

Pete and Rebecca are such a laid back couple.  Their whole approach to their wedding was inspiring. They didn’t want their guests to feel too tired to ceilidh after a long day, so they scheduled a late start to the day (ceremony at 4pm) to ensure everyone had their energy levels up for Jiggered who had the dancefloor packed throughout the whole night. They didn’t want to waste any time going through a list of family shots so they just wanted one big shot for their records. Kept my job nice and simple!

Their day was fantastic. So special. I really enjoyed being a part of it.

The lads were all looking the part in their kilts (especially big dunc, a.k.a the hunk) but the girls looked miles better. Rebecca had an amazing dress. I read a lot of blogs where there is loads of chat about styles and brands of dresses, and I think as a guy I’m not really geeked up on the dress chat, but I can officially say this dress was pure beaut. Rebecca and her sisters were prepared for the Scottish winter weather with some gorgeous fur coats and red wooly hot water bottles.

The venue at Fingask Castle is amazing. When I would chat to Pete about his Fingask Castle wedding I thought I had never heard of the venue, but when I was driving up on the day I had remembered I had been there before!  Years back when i lived in Scotland I played in a wedding band, we played a show there and I had always remembered it as being an a fantastic building in a gorgeous location with supercool staff.  It was exactly how I had remembered it, the staff were great and the planner, Jan, was my new best pal.

Their day included the page boys/girls handing out sweets are Rebecca walked down the aisle, a photobooth, amazing mulled wine, an outside bouncy castle, a calendar guest book where guests sign on their birthday, a quest for a table plan, a packed dancefloor, and they ended the evening around a beautiful bonfire where 8000 sparklers were provided for everyone. Literally, 8000 sparklers.

This was the first wedding with my new cameras so I was a happy photographer geek. I did another stopmotion video, link below. I didn’t have any music in mind until during the ceilidh break ‘Glósóli’ by Sigur Rós came on, and I had shivers sent right through me! Such a powerful track, check it out if you like awesome music  However.. It was just a bit too heavy for Pete and Rebecca’s wedding video, so I picked a similar track from the same album.

If you feel the video goes a bit too fast, scroll down below for my favourite frames from the day and take your time :)

Hope you enjoy :)

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thanks you two for allowing me to be involved in your special day.  also thanks to whoever took this photo!


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