Alan and Shannon | Fort Dunree


Just wanted to share some of Alan and Shannon’s portraits from their wedding a few months ago.  Usually with portraits I would try to optimise the time set aside for portraits so I don’t take too much time away from the bride and groom, and they can enjoy time with their lucky guests.  Usually I’d find a nice spot at the venue or somewhere on the way down and get a nice few shots with some different backgrounds, and then head back to the party.  However Alan and Shannon..!  They wanted to go somewhere different for something epic.  After their ceremony I followed them in Shannon’s dad’s classic sports car to Fort Dunree where they wanted some couple’s shots.  When we got there I was so, so pleased they picked this as their location!  It was really epic.  If i had suggested this location I’d have felt guilty for making them walk/getting them a little dirty, but they were loving it!  Especially Shannon, there was a 2 foot jump onto the top of the gun shelter and it was not a bother.  Also it was *crazy* windy but they both just embraced it.  Couple of legends!

I would have loved to have spent all day there, there were so many possibilities but we had to be quick to return to the party.  here are my favourite frames:

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  • Natasha Cadman

    on September 10, 2014  2:16 pm

    You take it to the limits every time. And it works. It always works!! amazing stuff x

  • Elaine

    on September 10, 2014  6:27 pm

    Wow! Incredible scenery and amazing photographs fraser!